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Stephen Adeyemi and Paul Bruckberger
Published Jan 11, 2022
Author 5 questions to Stephen Adeyemi from Nitrogen Supply
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Nitrogen-as-a-Service is already in England

Data-based win-win model

Fluctuations in orders inhibit the willingness of many manufacturing companies to invest and thus the innovative strength of the business location. The reason for this is as simple as it is serious: while sales can be very volatile, repayment rates for machinery and equipment remain constantly high and can cause liquidity bottlenecks.

The Austrian fintech Linxfour addresses this dilemma with innovative financing that enables true utilization-based repayment for machinery purchases. In this way, Linxfour aims to overcome investment hurdles for manufacturing companies and gives machine manufacturers from the cooperation network a decisive advantage in international competition.

Pay-per-use optimizes liquidity and risk management

Pay-per-use financing reduces the utilization risk of the buyer, preserves his liquidity, and additionally achieves positive balance sheet effects under IFRS16. At the same time, it increases the sales opportunities of the machine manufacturer. On the one hand, because the flexible financing model enables operators to provide production capacity without having to make a direct investment - and on the other hand, because higher after-sales revenues can be achieved. "Linxfour offer innovative solutions such as their click finance platforms and have established a name for themselves as a market leader across Europe. For us at Nitrogen Supply Co, it was important to work with an organization that could offer solutions for both our legacy equipment as well as our newer gas generation and BoostAir solutions," says Stephen Adeyemi, Managing Director of Nitrogen Supply Company Ltd, praising the cooperation with Linxfour.

Nitrogen Supply Company stands for progress and quality

"Nitrogen Supply Company is one of the most renowned mechanical engineering companies from England, which convinces customers from all over the world with its special plants for nitrogen production with precision and passion," Bruckberger is pleased about the newly acquired cooperation partner, who has a great vision: Namely, to create a system in which producers can opt for the most modern and efficient machines when making investment decisions because they are not discouraged by fluctuations in capacity utilisation.

"linx4's pay-per-use financing package brings us a decisive step closer to this goal and completes our Nitrogen-As-A-Service offering. With linx4, we have found the partner whose solution is compatible with both our old equipment and our newer gas generation and BoostAir solutions," says Stephen Adeyemi.

Linxfour takes financial services to a new level

Pay-per-use financing, based on secure Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) technology combined with machine fund financing, is the real innovation. "We buy the equipment from the manufacturer - the buyer pays a "usage fee", so to speak. Since it is possible for us to price the utilization risk for similar types of machines based on the available data, we offer an assumption of the utilization risk of up to 75 % as an additional added value," explain Bruckberger and Steffens. The financing tool "Click & Finance" completes Linxfour's service package and makes it real point-of-sale financing. With this software, the fintech gives its cooperation partners the possibility to process financing requests in an uncomplicated way and to calculate financing options, and conclude contracts at the point of sale. “The Linxfour click and finance platform is one of a kind. At NSC, we use the click & finance platform regularly to generate quotes in a matter of minutes which in turn speeds up our operational workflow. Aside from the productivity gains, there’s something fundamentally pleasing about experiencing a clean user interface that works.” comments Stephen Adeyemi the innovative approach.

About Linxfour

Linxfour is a European leasing company, based in Austria, providing Pay-per-Use financing solutions to manufacturing companies. Using proprietary IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology and AI-driven risk management, we are unique in underwriting true utilisation risk. Operating across different countries and industries, we are committed to helping businesses finance equipment with our unparalleled solution.

Linxfour: Transforming Equipment Finance