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Discover Linxfour's Distinctive Pay-per-Use Financing Solution

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What is Pay-per-Use Financing?

With Pay-per-Use financing, you pay for the actual usage of equipment. There are no hidden costs or penalties if it is used less than planned. This increases flexibility in managing cash flow and avoids high fixed payments that can be difficult to manage when customer demand and revenues are low. The key difference between traditional leasing and Pay-per-Use: with Pay-per-Use, you only pay for actual usage. In accounting terms, you transform CAPEX into OPEX and match costs to revenues.

Pay-per-Use Financing

Utilisation and Payments Time
Machine Utilization Repayment Rate
  • Flexible repayment depending on the actual utilisation of the equipment
  • Less usage leads to a lower repayment rate and vice-versa

Traditional Financing

Utilisation and Payments Time
Machine Utilization Repayment Rate
  • Rigid payment rate independent of the actual utilisation of the equipment
  • Equipment operators must pay every month the same repayment rate even if there’s less use

Instant online financing with Click & Finance calculator

Linxfour is dedicated to improving equipment finance with efficient processes.

The Click & Finance calculator assists equipment manufacturers and brokers in easily generating customized Pay-per-Use financing quotes. This includes conducting credit checks, with just a few clicks. Available anytime, anywhere.

How does Linxfour approach refinancing?

A unique aspect of Linxfour’s financing solution is that we underwrite true utilisation risk such that equipment manufacturers avoid any utilization or credit risk. This is possible through our AI data driven risk management and an array of strategic refinancing partnerships, including setting up the Linxfour Equipment Fund.

Empowering Technology for the Future of Equipment Financing

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Explore Linxfour's secure Industrial IoT platform, the hub for efficient data collection and core workflows. The platform features connectivity options tailored to customers, delivering accurate measurement of usage and seamless invoicing.
At Linxfour security is at the heart of its priorities. Data security builds on secure transfer protocols and Multifactor Authorisation (MFA) verification for access control. Linxfour continues to invest in information security and cybersecurity measures to warrant the trust of customers in the long run.
Linxfour owns a proprietary dataset of over 24 million historical equipment usage data points. Linxfour uses big data in their data-driven business model and constantly expand its knowledge. Coupled with an AI-powered risk management system, financing via Linxfour reduces risk exposure for stakeholders.

Optimize your Equipment Financing

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