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Pay-per-Use Equipment Finance

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As the market leader in Pay-per-Use financing, we set new standards.


More than 2,000 connected assets


Available in 23 countries all over the world


More than 36 partnerships with global equipment manufacturers

Pay-per-Use financing for manufacturing equipment based on actual usage

Linxfour transforms equipment financing with Industrial IoT, benefiting equipment operators and equipment manufacturers.

Linxfour for Equipment Operators

It is as straightforward as that. If operators use equipment less, they pay back less. Linxfour assumes up to 75% of usage risk without penalties or hidden cost.
Discover how off-balance sheet strategies, in line with IFRS16 and local GAAPs, can help you smoothly shift equipment spend from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operational expenditure (OPEX) and improve financial efficiency.
Enjoy seamless cash flow enhancement. When production slows, payments reduce to maintain a steady cashflow. This lowers the total cost of ownership when production goals are not met.

Linxfour for Equipment Manufacturers

Satisfy customer needs by offering an adaptable payment choice. Increase equipment sales with a customer-centric approach, meeting the growing demand for flexible financing solutions.
Increase your earnings by including required long-term service contracts and spare part provisions. Boost your revenues beyond initial sales.
Move forward with new equipment-as-a-service opportunities. Linxfour takes on financial and underutilization risks, reducing business uncertainty and creating new sources of revenue.
Simon Zeilberger ENGEL CFO, Pay-per-Use, Partnership, Linxfour
Mattias Bertoldi Managing Director Washtec


Pay-per-Use from Linxfour is an interesting financing model. Our customers have demanded this utilization-oriented form of financing more and more, especially since the 2022 energy crisis."

The biggest advantage lies in the variable risk models. Customers decide themselves whether to hedge the under-utilisation of their investment, thanks to Linxfour’s Pay-per-Use model. Particularly interesting, therefore, is that customers have lower financing costs when their equipment is underutilized."

At present, issues such as inflation and rising energy prices are dominating everyday business life. With "Heat-Exchange-as-a-Service" users can integrate heat exchange solutions for heat recovery into their processes in a plannable and cost-efficient manner without having to invest CAPEX through the cooperation with Linxfour. It was important to us to ensure a maximum product lifecycle and that our customers can rely on a carefree heat exchange service so that they can focus on their core processes."

If the operator can share some risk, that is always a good thing. The carwash industry has a natural fluctuation due to weather conditions. So, this is often an issue for operators. After all, the risk of a rainy peak month with no revenue and fixed financing costs makes extra financial security quite desirable. With Pay-per-Wash in cooperation with Linxfour we are now able to offer a payment option to mitigate this risk."

Simon Zeilberger

CFO, Engel

Pedro Diaz

CEO, Vermeer Hungary

Stefan Kleinjung

Project Manager PMO, Kelvion

Matthias Bertoldi

Managing Director, WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH

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Discover the power of
Pay-per-Use Financing

Pay-per-Wash: Operators match costs to revenue by paying per car washed.

Robots-as-a-Service: Accelerate automation by financing per item picked.

Injection-moulding-as-a-Service: Revolutionize production by paying per operating hour.

Compressed-air-as-a-Service: Efficiently manage resources by paying per unit of compressed air produced.

Pay-per-Pallet: Reduce overhead for logistics by paying per pallet packaged.

Pay-per-kWh: Unlock new sustainable energy sources and pay per used kilowatt-hour.

Pay-per-Ton: Streamline operations by paying per recycled or produced ton.

Pay-per-Sheet: Increase efficiency and pay per printed sheet.

Cleaning-as-a-Service: Experience seamless cleanliness with payment per cleaned hour.

Pay-per-Mile: Renew your logistics fleet with minimal risk, paying per mile driven.

"Agriculture-as-a-Service": Reduce weather risk by paying per harvested operating hour.

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