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Stephen Adeyemi and Paul Bruckberger
Published Jan 11, 2022
Author ENGEL launches Pay per Use: New usage model offers more flexibility and assurance
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Get an exclusive insight in the cooperation with Nitrogen Supply Company

Why did Linxfour decide to cooperate with NSC?

Nitrogen Supply Company was the first company in the UK we approached. At Linxfour, we recognized early on that NSC would be an ideal partner company in the British market since it responded to the Pay-per-Use financing model with forthright innovativeness. It quickly became clear to both companies that a collaboration would be beneficial for both sides and would create a great win-win situation. All further discussions with the management underscored this expectation even more.

Why exactly is NSC a suitable partner for the Pay-per-Use model?  

It was soon clear from our initial discussions with managing director Stephen Adeyemi that Nitrogen generators were well suited for the Pay-per-Use financing model, but that many customers were either unaware of this financing tool or had no idea about the expanded opportunities it could open up for companies. Mr. Adeyemi recognized this potential right from the beginning and is, therefore, the perfect partner for us to enter the UK market.

The cooperation creates a win-win situation for both companies. Which factors contribute decisively to this situation? 

With Linxfour Pay-per-Use machine financing, NSC has the opportunity to offer another sales channel for its machines without having to change its business model or its processes. Furthermore, the customer is guaranteed a very high machine disposability through professional maintenance by NSC. In addition, customers appreciate the high degree of flexibility in financing and also the assumption of actual risks by Linxfour. In this respect, Linxfour does not only help the machine users to manage their risk, but also the machine manufacturers to do so.

What is the common vision of Nitrogen Supply Company and Linxfour?  

Together with NSC, our goal is not only to support the UK market with Pay-per-Use financing solutions and Pay-per-Use nitrogen generators, but also to prepare the entire market for this new type of financing and to work together with NSC’s customers—but also with other machine users—to highlight the benefits of Pay-per-Use for their companies and then put this approach into practice. Together, we want to create more awareness of the many advantages that machine users and machine manufacturers can benefit from in the short, medium and long term.

Why is Linxfour convinced that the joint Pay-per-Use model with Nitrogen Supply Company will be a success? 

A lot has happened since our initial contact with NSC, both in the partnership and in the UK market. More and more machine users are becoming aware of Pay-per-Use and are taking a closer look at the subject. As metal and laser cutting companies in particular see a sharp rise in metal procurement costs (and rising gas prices are also an ever-present topic), we can detect here—together with NSC—a strong demand within the nitrogen-as-a-service market in the future. And, of course, we are confident that this will also stimulate interest in Pay-per-Use financed machines or production among other companies in the UK, so that even more advantages can be made accessible in the British market.

About Linxfour
Linxfour is a European leasing company, based in Austria, providing Pay-per-Use financing solutions to manufacturing companies. Using proprietary IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology and AI-driven risk management, we are unique in underwriting true utilisation risk. Operating across different countries and industries, we are committed to helping businesses finance equipment with our unparalleled solution.

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